How to remove impurities in tapioca starch?

The impurities will affect the quality of finished tapioca starch, so the impurity removal process plays an important role in tapioca starch processing. Then how to remove impurities in tapioca starch? We can adopt tapioca starch refining machines to remove impurities in tapioca starch effectively through the following three steps: fiber removing, fine fiber removing and tapioca starch refining.

Fiber removing is the first step to remove impurities in tapioca starch. In this step, centrifuge sieve is often used to separate the fiber and tapioca starch slurry. Under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the larger fiber impurities reach the outer edge of the sieve basket and are collected in the slag collecting chamber, while the smaller tapioca starch particles fall into the tapioca starch collecting chamber, so that the fiber impurities can be removed.

cassava starch processing machineCentrifuge sieve

Fine fiber removing is the second step to remove impurities in tapioca starch. In this step, fine fiber sieve is often adopted to remove fine fiber sieve in tapioca starch slurry effectively. According to the tapioca starch gravity and low centrifugal force function by screen mesh inside the drum, the fine fiber is separated out of tapioca starch slurry, the starch extraction effect and fine fiber removing effect are wonderful.

cassava starch processing machineFine fiber sieve

Tapioca starch refining is the third step to remove impurities in tapioca starch. In this step, hydrocyclone station is used to further remove fiber, protein and cell out of tapioca starch milk to concentrate and delicate scrubbing tapioca starch milk. It’s worth mentioning that the full cyclone separation system can not only remove the impurities effectively, but also can achieve the purpose of recovering and washing tapioca starch, which will improve the purify of tapioca starch and tapioca starch extraction rate.

cassava starch processing machineHydrocyclone station

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