Cassava flour processing machine



Fufu flour processing machine

Fufu is a fermented wet-paste made from fresh cassava tubers. It is made by steeping whole or cut peeled cassava roots in water to ferment for two or three days and then dewater and dry it to get fufu, the fermentation time depending on ambient temperature. To produce high quality fufu flour, the used fufu flour processing machine includes complete set of machine for cleaning and fermentation section, fufu flour processing section and drying section.

fufu flour processing machineCassava

The conveying and cleaning section:

When production begins cassava roots will be taken by a shovel loader out of raw material storage platform into the hopper. DOING cassava feeding hopper is designed with vibration device, which will ensure no blocking when feeding.

Then the fresh cassava is conveyed through hopper to a conveyor. In this fufu flour processing machine, the cassava roots are dropped evenly onto the belt of an inclined belt conveyor where stems and branches are picked out and woody tissues of cassava roots are manually cut off. With this procedure, impurities and peeling can be cleaned out directly, this is very important base of processing high quality fufu flour.

fufu flour processing machine

In the cleaning section, stems and branches mixed in the harvested cassava roots and impurities such as sand will be get rid of by fufu flour processing machine.

Then cassava enters in a cassava washer, where peels as well as dirt of cassava roots will be removed. This fufu flour processing machine is designed to remove the cassava outer peels to reduce the load of the next machine.

fufu flour processing machineCassava washer

Cassava fufu flour processing section

In this section, the cassava fufu flour processing machine including cassava cutter machine, rasper, Plate and frame filter press, different screw conveyors, hammer mill etc.

fufu flour processing machineCutting machine

After getting the peeled cassava, cassava cutter will cut the peeled cassava into small particles and convey it to the the fermentation tank directly, after fermentation around 6 hours, convey the small cassava tubers into the rasper machine directly.

fufu flour processing machine

To ensure the very good quality of fufu flour with better fineness, it is essential to match the rasper. For this fufu flour processing machine can grate cassava into pulp at high speed and the grated cassava is finer.

After getting the pure fufu flour pulp, using a screw pump to pump the milk into the plate and frame filter press for dewatering. The moisture after dewatering will be around 40%~45%. The dewatered cake shall be broke by hammer mill for better drying.

fufu flour processing machineDewatering machine

Cassava fufu flour drying section

The wet fufu cake is dried in a flash dryer, whose heating source of flash dryer can be steam or hot wind. Wet cassava fufu flour is heated and dried by hot wind and water is steamed. After drying, the moisture is around 12%. And this fufu flour processing machine uses negative pressure system, which can save more energy for clients.

fufu flour processing machineFlash dryer

After drying cassava fufu flour, collected cassava fufu flour is transported to vibration sifter, where the coarse particulate matter will be sieved out. The sieved cassava fufu flour is transported to hopper for storing, cooling and packaging according to client's requirements.

Above is the mainly used fufu flour processing machine. Henan Doing Company has been devoted in cassava deep processing machine for decades of years, our technology for fufu processing is advanced, your inquiry about fufu flour processing machine is welcomed.

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