Cassava flour processing machine



Cassava flour processing machine

Cassava flour processing machine is used for process cassava into starch by mechnical method. Cassava can also be produced by using traditional dry processing method,that is slice peeled cassava first, then dry it and crush it into flour. But it has the disadvantages of low quality, high power consumption.

To solve this problem, DOING cassava flour processing machine applies latest processing technology which is called wet process. We adjust sequence of grinding and drying, make cassava tubers being crushed firstly and then dried. Compared to dry process, wet process can save energy in drying process and makes instantaneous drying come into reality, ensuring continuous and automatic production of the entire line. What's more, our cassava flour processing machine can produce higher quality cassava flour as finished product.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machine

For wet process cassava flour production line, Doing Company adopts the following processing sequence:

Cassava tubers-cleaning-washing-crushing-desanding-dewatering-drying-sieving-packaging.

According to the process, main cassava flour processing machine applied are dry sieve, paddle washer, cutting machine, rasper, de-sander, filter press, flash dryer, vibration sieve and automatic packaging machine. We ensure that all parts that may contact with cassava materials are made of stainless steel, to meet requirement for hygiene and improve the quality of finished flour.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing line

Following is the brief introduction of cassava flour processing machines in different sections of cassava flour production line:

1. Cleaning section

Cleaning section is also called pre-treatment of raw materials. In the process, cassava tubers would be cleaned well before going into next process crushing. Cassava flour processing machine used in this section are dry sieve and paddle washer.

Firstly cassava tubers go through dry sieve machine to remove impurities that attached on surface of tubers, such as sand, weeds, metals, debris, stones etc. By rotation of dry sieve, inner spiral of the equipment makes cassava tubers moving forward, and at the same time impurities would be removed and drop down from the gap between steel bars.

Dry sieveCassava cleaning machine

And then cleaned cassava would be transferred into paddle washer for complete washing. Countercurrent washing principle, which refers that cassava forwarding direction and water flow direction are opposite, is adopted to achieve better cleaning effect. Besides, there is no water added at the beginning of 2nd washing slot, which increases friction between cassava tubers and therefore improve peeling rate. Process water that generated in dewatering process can be pumped into the washing part, which recycle water and reduce consumption in the whole production line.

Paddle washing machineCassava washing machine

2. Processing section

After cleaning section, here comes to the processing section. Cassava flour processing machine like cutting machine, rasper and de-sander is used in the process.

Firstly cutting machine cut cleaned tubers into small pieces, which reduces working load of latter crushing machine and increase capacity. Compared to normal knife crusher, our cutting machine assembled with special designed knives, in rhombic shape, which have longer service life.

cassava flour processing machineCassava cutting machine

After cutting, rasper is used to crush cassava into fine cassava mash. Compared to other hammer mill and grater machines, rasper can make finer flour because of its higher line speed. So rasper is one of cassava flour processing machine that will influence quality of finished flour. After crushing process, certain water will be added into cassava mash so that it can be pumped into de-sander machine to eliminate sand debris.


3. Drying section

After cleaning section and processing section, we will get cassava slurry. Then cassava flour processing machine filter press and flasher dryer are applied for dewatering and drying process.

Firstly cassava slurry will be pumped into filter press machine for dehydration. Filter press machine is furnished with filter cloth, by the action of pressure and squeeze, materials are separated with squeezed water and then fall down to the collection tank. After dewatering, flour moisture content is about 40%.

cassava flour processing machineFilter press machine

Cassava flour processing machine for drying process is flash dryer. It can dry cassava flour in very short time. The position of fan decides that drying system will be running in negative pressure, which reduces flour loss in exhaust pipe. To achieve fewer moisture content of flour, two stage drying system can be installed.

cassava flour processing machineFlash dryer

4.Sieving and packaging section

After drying process, we get dried finished flour. But to make sure high quality of flour, vibration sieve machine is used to separate coarse flour that have bigger size and bad quality. Besides, hammer mill can re-crush coarse flour and sieve it again to reduce flour loss and increase output capacity.

cassava flour processing machineVibration sieve

At last automatic packaging machine is installed to weigh and pack bags, with 1-5kg scale and 5-50kg scale adjustable. This cassava flour processing machine can greatly increase working efficiency and ensure packaging accuracy in weight tolerance.

cassava flour processing machinePackaging machine

Apart from cassava flour processing machines, control system like LCB, MCC, OCC and PLC will be installed to make the whole plant highly automatic, which can easily control all cassava flour processing machines and make the whole line run smoothly and continuously. Automatic control system is optional and can be adjusted based on actual situation and project budget. If you are interested in cassava flour processing machine, welcome to consult Doing Company.

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