What are the methods of identifying the quality of cassava starch?

Whether you're a cassava starch producers or purchasers, starch quality is an important factor needed to pay special attention to. So what are the methods of identifying the quality of cassava starch? Generally speaking, there are mainly two kinds of methods of identifying the quality of cassava starch, one is sensory identifying method, the other is experimental identifying method.

Sensory identifying method is an easy cassava starch identifying way. It’s suggested to assess the quality of cassava starch from the appearance, taste, texture, colour aspects. The cassava starch with good quality have the following features: natural flavour and odour, fine powder without impurities, white color.

cassava starchCassava starch

Experimental identifying method is to take samples of cassava starch and test them with laboratory equipment to identify if the quality of cassava starch meets standards. Indicators that are evaluated during the testing are usually cassava starch content, whiteness, ph, ssh, acid factor, viscosity, so2, gluten level. There are different physicochemical indexes of edible cassava starch and industrial cassava starch for reference, and you can directly google them.

experimental identification of cassava starchExperimental identification of cassava starch

It is helpful to improve the quality of finished cassava starch by using modern cassava starch processing equipment. Because whether it is cassava cleaning process, cassava starch sieving, purification, dehydration, drying process, can be fully controlled by PLC control system, to ensure high standard processing of cassava starch.

cassava starch processing processCassava starch processing process

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