Which kinds of materials can be applied to potato starch processing machine?

To improve the economic benefits and shorten return cycle, many investors tried to process another material while processing potato into starch. Then which kinds of materials can be applied to potato starch processing machine? According to Jinrui’s starch processing installation experience, sweet potato material can also be applied to potato starch processing machine because sweet potato and potato have the similar raw material properties and processing processes.

starch process machineSweet potato/potato starch processing machine

Both potato starch processing and sweet potato starch processing need to go through the following processing processes and the machines needed are same:

1.Cleaning: dry sieve is used to clean off the impurities attached on the material, like dirt, sand, stones, weeds, etc;

2.Washing: rotary washing machine is used to clean and wash material completely;

3.Crushing: cutting machine and rasper are used to crush the material into pulp to improve free rate of bound starch.

4.Separating: centrifuge sieve is used to separate fiber and starch milk

5.Refining: hydrocyclone station is used to further remove fiber, protein and cell out of starch milk so as to concentrate and delicate the starch milk.

starch processing machineSweet potato and potato starch processing machine

6.Dehydrating: vacuum filter is used to dewater the starch milk into wet starch powder

7.Drying: flash dryer is used to dry the wet starch into finished starch product instantly, which guarantees the moisture uniformity of starch and the long distance transportation.

starch dryerStarch dryer machine

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