How to choose cassava starch drying method? Native drying or Mechanical drying?

Native drying and Mechanical drying are two common cassava starch drying methods. While processing cassava starch, how to choose cassava starch drying method ? We can analyze the three factors of drying efficiency, drying cost and final cassava starch quality to get the answer.

The drying efficiency is what investors actually care about because it’s about the drying capacity and drying speed. The native drying method’s efficiency is low and is easily affected by many uncontrollable factors. The capacity of native drying per time is easily limited and it takes large drying area. While the mechanical drying cassava starch has high efficiency and large processing capacity. High quality drying machine, like flash dryer can dry cassava starch instantly, and the drying capacity can reach to 10t/h.

cassava starch processing machineFlash dryer

After learning the drying efficiency, let’s see the cost of each drying method. Native drying method is simple to operate but it’s only suitable for small-scale family workshops. It costs a lot in site, labor and time. In comparison, the cost of drying machine is higher but return time is fast. Mechanical drying method has the advantages of large processing capacity, high efficiency, stable operation, and high profit rate. It is suitable for mass cassava starch drying and the long-term development of cassava starch processing plant.

Last but not the least, we may choose cassava starch processing method by comparing final cassava starch quality after drying. The final cassava starch obtained by the native drying method is affected by uncontrollable factors, and it is possible that the basic sanitary quality cannot be guaranteed. The final cassava starch obtained by the mechanical drying method can not only meet the high standard requirements of the material with high quality and little loss, but also satisfies the requirements to be transported and packaged.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch obtained after being dried by flash dryer

All in all, the mechanical drying method is more cost-effective and worth choosing than native drying method. Henan Jinrui company’s engineer team has helped many clients customize high quality cassava starch drying machine, if you have request, welcome to contact us or leave a message!

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