How to purify cassava starch step by step in cassava starch production process?

In cassava starch production process, it needs three effective steps to purify cassava starch: use centrifuge sieve to remove the fiber, use fine fiber sieve to remove the small fiber further, and use hydrocyclone station to concentrate starch milk. After these three cassava starch purification steps, the quality of cassava starch will improve a lot.

The specific cassava starch purification steps is as following:

①Step 1: use centrifuge sieve to remove the fiber.

First of all, using the centrifuge sieve to separate the fiber and cassava starch slurry. This is the first separation step to improve starch extraction rate and the purity of final cassava starch. It’s worth mentioning that the centrifuge sieve manufactured by Henan Jinrui won the national patent, which has automatic front and back washing system to guarantee good penetration and ensure the high efficiency operation of fiber removing work.

cassava starch processing machineCentrifuge sieve

②Step 2: use fine fiber sieve to remove the small fiber further.

Then you can use fine fiber sieve to separate small fiber further from starch milk according to its own gravity and low centrifugal force function by screen mesh inside the drum. Through the fine fiber sieve for secondary filtration of starch slurry, the purity of cassava starch will be further improved.

cassava starch processing machineFine fiber sieve

③Step 3: use hydrocyclone station to concentrate starch milk.

Last but not the least, you can use hydrocyclone station to remove fiber, protein and cell out of starch slurry to concentrate and delicate cassava starch slurry. According to the density, particle size and properties of each material, hydrocyclone station retains the cassava starch with high purity and high precision by different kinds of centrifugal force.

cassava starch processing machineHydrocyclone station

By adopting these three effective steps, you can improve the whiteness, clarity and precision of final cassava starch.Henan Jinrui not only produce cassava starch purification machine, but all the sets of cassava starch processing machine. Our engineers can customize them for you according to your requirement! Welcome leave your message!

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