1 ton per hour gari making machine successfully ordered by Liberia customer

On Nov 14, 2022, the 1 ton per hour gari making machine was successfully ordered by a Liberia customer! The gari making machine is semi-automatic and suitable for gari making business beginners.

This Liberia customer has a sugar making plant. And he wanted to build a cassava gari processing plant for a local NGO. The customer made a detailed comparison and analysis of gari making machine manufacturers and was finally attracted by Henan Jinrui's rich experience in project installation of gari making machines and strong overseas warehouse capabilities.

gari making machineThe 1tph gari making machine

Liberian customer recognized the strength of the company after seeing Henan Jinrui's project cases around the world, especially in Liberia. After confirming the customer's needs, Jinrui held an online meeting with the customer to discuss the details, and soon the customer took the initiative to ask the buyer to sign a purchase contract and make payment.

Have you considered doing gari making business already? Rather than envy others for benefiting from the gari making business, it is better to take action yourself. And Henan Jinrui Company’s professional engineering team can customize suitable gari making machines and offer you complete services, such as plant design, machine installation & commissioning service, online guidance, and so on to help you maximize economic benefits!


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