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Sweet potato starch machine

The sweet potato starch machine is used for sweet potato starch production. These machines include dry sieve, rotary washing machine, cutting machine, rasper and so on. Sweet potato starch processing mainly involve cleaning, rasping, sieving, desanding, purification, drying and packing.

sweet potato starch machineSweet potato starch processing plant


Dry sieve: The dry sieve machine is mainly to remove the adhering dirt, sand or other impurities from the sweet potato surface prior to washing.

dry sieve in sweet potato starch machineDry sieve

Rotary washing machine: The sweet potatoes go into the rotary washing machine by the transportation of the belt conveyor. The reason that using the rotary washing machine in the sweet potato starch machine to clean the sweet potato is the shape of the sweet potatoes. It’s shape is always round and can’t be pushed by the pulp in the paddle washing machine. However, the design of the rotary washing machine is very good in line with the characteristics of sweet potatoes.

rotary washing machine in sweet potato starch machineRotary washing machine


Cutting machine: For coarse fiber and hardness of sweet potatoes, pretreatment should be done before rasping to reduce stress and damage to the rasper machine and enhance grindability. So we need the cutting machine to process the sweet potatoes before rasping.

Rasper: After cutting, the sweet potatoes are disintegrated with addition of water into pulp by a rasper machine, which releases the starch granules from the fibrous matrix. The sweet potatoes raw materials become starch slurry which can be considered as a mixture of pulp (cell walls) and starch. The high speed rotating blade in the rasper machine guarantees the grinding efficiency of sweet potato cells that can fully release the starch.

rasper in sweet potato starch machineRasper


Centrifuge sieve machine: The starch pulp is separated from sweet potato residues to avoid oxidation browning during starch extraction, which is convenient for the production of white and fine starch. The centrifuge machine can separate the fibers from starch slurry is the key to extract the starch in sweet potato starch machine. The sieve basket is made of titanium plate, with laser punching processing.

centrifuge sieve machine in sweet potato starch machineCentrifuge sieve machine

Fine fiber sieve machine: Then the fine fiber sieve machine remove fiber which can not be separated by centrifuge sieve. After this process, sweet potatoes starch will become purer.

fine fiber sieve machine in sweet potato starch machineFine fiber sieve machine


Desander: The starch after rasping and sieving needs to desanding. This process determines the taste and quality of the final starch product in sweet potato starch machine.

desander in sweet potato starch machineDesander


Vacuum filter: Due to the high moisture content of the starch milk coming out of the hydrocyclone, it cannot be dried directly, so the starch milk needs to dewatering first. The starch milk enters into the vacuum filter slot, the vacuum pump forms negative pressure in the vacuum drum. When the starch mill contacts the vacuum drum, the starch milk is sucked on the drum surface, the filtrate is sucked into the vacuum filter and removed.

vacuum filter in sweet potato starch machineVacuum filter

Hydrocyclone: When the pressure is at a certain value, the starch slurry enters and rotates in the hydrocyclone pipe. So it generates the centrifugal forces in the hydrocyclone station machine. The centrifugal force obtained by the relatively high density is large, and they discharged from one port; while the protein and water having a relatively low density are less centrifugally. They discharged from the other port. Thus it achieves the purpose of separation in the hydrocyclone station.

hydrocyclone in sweet potato starch machineHydrocyclone

Peeler centrifuge: In sweet potato starch production industry, peeler centrifuge can be used together with vacuum filter for dehydration of starch slurry in sweet potato starch machine. By using peeler centrifuge machine, the production capacity of starch is increased by 50% and decrease moisture content to 36.5%.


Flash dryer: The flash dryer is negative press drying to evaporate surface moisture instantaneously. It can dry sweet potato starch instantly in the gas flowing process by using high-speed flowing hot air to suspend wet starch in it. Wet particulate material is entrained in hot gas or steam flowing through an insulated duct. The particles are dried and the gas or steam temperature decreases.

flash dryer in sweet potato starch machineFlash dryer

Sifter sieve: After drying, something should be done. The sifter sieve is for separating lumps in sweet potato starch machine. Getting more fine starch in sweet potato starch processing.


Packing machine: This machine can package automatically which is labor-saving and have a high efficiency in sweet potato starch machine.

packing machine in sweet potato starchPackaged sweet potato starch can be loaded directly

In a word, the reasonableness of the processing technology, advanced, stability will also affect the quality of the products. Doing company is committed to the continuous upgrading of machine production technology, providing customers with efficient and high-quality modern sweet potato starch machine. If you want to buy sweet potato starch machine, you can contact me at any time. Our professional engineers will answer your questions at any time.

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