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Jamaica clients visited DOING for cassava processing project

On the day of 1st November 2019, two clients from Jamaica came to visit Doing Company for cassava processing plant.

In the morning, our project manager arranged to pick up clients from the airport and then had a detailed discussion in our office for their project. They want to set up a plant to process cassava into bammy, a traditional food in Jamaica. But this is their first time to start a project, so they want our engineer and project manager to give them some professional advice on how to start the project.

Jamaica clients visited DOING for cassava processing projectJamaica clients and DOING engineer

Considering that their demand for capacity is large, our engineer suggests they adopt an automatic production line for bammy processing and listed all the required machines. The machines for making bammy includes cleaning machine, washing machine, peeling machine, grating machine, dehydrating machine, sieving and cooking machine. Our factory can provide machines from cleaning to sieving, which is satisfied by the clients.

Jamaica clients visited DOING for cassava processing projectDOING workers manufacture equipment

In the afternoon, the two clients personally visited our factory to see our equipment and inspect our strength. They were satisfied with our equipment manufacturing ability after they saw our workers making machines. They decided to cooperate with our company before they left, and will the sign contract with us after we send them our final proposal.

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