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How to choose and buy good cassava processing machine?

How to choose and buy good cassava processing machine and what kind of cassava processing machine is most suitable for you and can bring you higher economic value? As one of many businessmen, I believe it must be a question worth considering for you. The following is some tips can help you choose and buy good cassava processing machine.

cassava processing machineHow to choose and buy good cassava processing machine?

What kind of final products you want to process?

First of all, you should know what kind of final products you want to process. The 3 main products from cassava are garri, cassava flour and cassava starch.

● Garri is the staple food for the people in Nigeria. There is no scale requirement. The manual operation or several machines are available.

● Compared with garri, cassava flour doesn't need fermentation. It has a more elaborate process.

● Cassava starch is an industrial raw material for many products, including candy, textiles, alcohol, etc. It is also an important part of the food. Many countries have a strong demand for cassava starch.

products from cassava3 main products from cassava

There isn't an all-powerful cassava processing machine can process various final products. Determine what kind of final products you want to process and then choose and buy right cassava processing machine according to your situation.

How large is your cassava processing scale?

What is your expect daily cassava processing output? If you just want to buy cassava processing machine for home use, you can choose several small single machines.

But if you are like to set up a large scale cassava processing line, you need buy automatic modern cassava processing machine. Whatever large scale or small scale, Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui can offer appropriate design project for you.

cassava starch processing machineThe different scale of cassava starch processing machine

How to judge the quality of machine is good or not?

First, check whether if the appearance of the machine is paint evenly. In general, a professional cassava processing manufacturer always use good paint on the machine to ensure the smoothness of the machine. Aesthetics can not only attract customers, but also reflect a manufacturer's seriousness in producing quality products. Superb quality and exquisite workmanship can show from every details.

Check whether the spare parts of the machine is complete. You should pay more attention to the humble small accessories, especially some small screws, check seriously whether they have all been installed. Please do not miss every little detail. Before each shipment, Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui will pack accessories with individual wooden cases together to prevent loss.

cassava processing machineDoing Holdings - Henan Jinrui packs accessories with individual wooden cases together to prevent loss

Visit the facility in person. Before making a commitment to contract with company, take an in-person tour of the facility to check out the manufacturer’s factory. You’ll have the opportunity to get a better sense of the manufacturer’s capacities and the quality of cassava processing machine. DOING's factory is located in the Jiaozuo, Henan Province, China. Welcome to visit our factory.

Check some details in manufacturer's factory. The factory processing capacity is decided by infrastructure, worker level and QC team. These will determine whether you can buy good quality cassava processing machine. DOING company has our own factory to ensure produce high quality cassava processing machine. There are some advanced infrastructure to ensure produce well and quality control.

If you still can not decide to what oil press to buy or you want more detail service, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always at your service!

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