Fiji client bought small size gari making machines from Henan Jinrui Company

On 25th June 2022, a client from Fiji bought some gari making machines including gari grinding machine, hydraulic press, and gari fryer from Henan Jinrui Company.

The client has already invested in a small handmade gari processing business locally, but the client wants to expand the production and improve the efficiency by upgrading the modern gari making machines.

small size gari making machinesGari making machines including gari grinding machine, hydraulic press, and gari fryer

Before sending us an inquiry, he has learned some machine details from our website. Then, he called Henan Jinrui's salesman to show his needs. In the process of communicating with the client, our salesman explained the operation methods, features, and advantages of these gari making machines to clients in detail. Once the client has any questions, Henan Jinrui will provide the most detailed and sincere answer for the client. After seeing a lot of information about Henan Jinrui's continuous shipments to other regions, the client decided to buy equipment from Henan Jinrui as well. At present, the gari making machines purchased by the Fiji client are being manufactured in the factory, and we will update the delivery information as soon as possible, please continue to pay attention to us.

Here, Henan Jinrui Company is also very grateful to our clients for their trust in us. We will also continue to maintain the belief of "Quality first, Integrity first" and continue to provide you with the best quality equipment and services.

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