12TPH tapioca starch processing plant project was installed in Indonesia

In 2015, Henan Doing Company installed a 12t/h tapioca starch processing plant project in Indonesia. This is a turnkey project finished by Doing Company, which means that we are responsible for plant planning, equipment manufacturing and delivery, installation and commissioning, equipment test running and after-sales services for this project.

tapioca starch processing plant projectTapioca starch processing plant project in Indonesia

1. Factory preparation stage:

The customer bought a piece of land in Indonesia for building tapioca starch processing plant very early, but due to the complex terrain, the location of the plant has always been a headache for customer. After he signed a contract with us, Doing Company sent a professional engineer to Indonesia to inspect the topography of customer's land, and designed a factory drawing based on the terrain to ensure the most reasonable location of the tapioca starch processing plant. In this drawing, our engineer used the difference in terrain to help customer solve the drainage problem, which the produced water can be discharged directly from the factory to the low-lying land.

tapioca starch processing plant projectTapioca starch plant construction

2. a. Building factory stage:

According to the contract, DOING engineer gave a detailed design drawing of the internal design of the plant, including equipment placement, circuit design, pipeline design, and factory access design and so on. The customer prepared the plant construction according to the drawings of our engineer.

b. Equipment manufacturing and delivery stage:

When the customer was building the tapioca starch processing plant in Indonesia, Doing Company was designing and producing the complete set of tapioca starch processing equipment purchased by the customer at the same time.

After about six months, Doing factory completed the manufacture of tapioca starch processing equipment and shipped the equipment from Qingdao port to the customer's factory.

tapioca starch processing plantDOING workers loading equipment

3. Equipment installation and debugging stage:

After the equipment was sent to the customer's tapioca starch processing plant in Indonesia, we sent professional engineer to the customer's factory to install and debug the equipment to solve various technical problems in the equipment installation process. Since the drawings of the project were provided by our engineer, the equipment installation process went smoothly.

tapioca starch processing plantEquipment installation

After the equipment installation was completed, our engineers then started the equipment debugging work to ensure that all the equipment works well. In addition, our engineer also taught local engineers the equipment operating skills and simple equipment maintenance knowledge.

tapioca starch processing plantTapioca starch equipment

4. Equipment trial run stage:

After debugging the equipment in tapioca starch processing plant, DOING engineer tested the equipment for running, ensuring that the equipment runs successfully and can be put into normal use after put raw cassava into the machine.

tapioca starch processing plantEquipment running photo

At present, this tapioca starch processing plant project has been running for nearly two years, and all our the equipment is still in good condition and good performance. Below is a picture of the plant sent to us by this customer.

tapioca starch processing plantTapioca processing in plant

Indonesia is the fourth largest producer of cassava in the world, but Indonesia still needs to import tapioca starch, so the market for tapioca starch in Indonesia is promising. If you want to start a tapioca starch processing plant project, please contact Doing Company, we can provide you with turnkey projects.

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