Starch manufacturing plant project report

100TPD sweet potato starch processing plant project in Chongqing, China

In 2017, Henan Doing Company successfully installed a 100T/D automatic sweet potato starch processing plant in Chongqing, China. This customer previously operated a sweet potato sales company. Seeing that sweet potato starch has a broad prospects and higher economic benefits, he decided to set up his own factory to produce sweet potato starch.

sweet potato starch processing plantThe outside of sweet potato starch processing plant in Chongqiong, China

At the end of January 2017, the customer ordered a complete set of large-scale automatic sweet potato starch processing plant in our company, the decision to cooperate with us was made after the customer had personally inspected our company and saw our potato starch processing plant project in Jiaozuo, China. According to the contract, we need to complete the whole project by 2018, which including the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of whole sweet potato starch production line. In addition, knowing that our engineer have more than 30 years of experience in starch processing equipment and project installation, the customer require our engineer to give a professional plant planning drawing.

sweet potato starch processing plantInner part of sweet potato starch processing plant

In July 2017, Doing Factory successfully produced the complete sets of equipment for sweet potato starch processing plant. Our engineers regularly supervised the equipment manufacturing process to ensure that all equipment meets the requirements of customers.

In August 2017, the customer came to our factory to test the machine. After ensuring the equipment has no problem, DOING workers sent the whole equipment to the customer's factory.

sweet potato starch processing plantDOING workers loading equipment for delivery

In September 2017, we sent installation engineers to customer's sweet potato starch processing plant to guide equipment installation. Meanwhile, our engineer also teaches the workers product knowledge and training operators of the customer's factory.

sweet potato starch processing plantEquipment installation

In November, 2017, DOING sent engineer to the customer's factory again to debug the equipment, ensuring that all equipment can run smoothly.

At the end of November 2017, the automatic sweet potato starch processing plant project was officially put into operation!

sweet potato starch processing plantSweet potato starch machine run smoothly

This sweet potato starch processing plant is fully automated which takes only about 30 minutes from raw material feed to get final sweet potato starch. Due to this plant operates a two-shift system, it can process 200 tons of sweet potatoes per day and produces about 38 tons of sweet potato starch. This customer is still in touch with us right now and he is satisfied with our equipment and services. He told us that his profit from selling sweet potato starch is dozens of times that of selling sweet potatoes directly. If you also want to engage in sweet potato starch processing business, please contact us, our engineer can give you best solution.

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