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Which kind of cassava peeling machine is popular in Nigeria?

Cassava has two layers of skin, which is not easy to remove. In garri production process, cassava peeling machine is widely used for peeling cassava to improve the taste of Garri. There are many types of peeling machines in the market, but which is the most popular cassava peeling machine in Nigeria? As a professional manufacturer and supplier of cassava processing machines, we have received feedback from many customers in Nigeria that the emery roller cassava peeling machine is of the best quality and most popular.

There are four common cassava peeling machines on the market, and they use different methods for peeling. In the following, I will have a brief introduction for you.

A. Cassava peeling machine equipped with emery roller

The first kind of cassava peeling machine uses emery roller to remove the skins. It has the features of high peeling rate, stable running and easy maintenance, which is more suitable for peeling cassava in garri processing; The emery roller peeling machine produced by Henan Jinrui Company has the following three special designs: the first is use emery roller to remove the two skins, through the friction between the material and the emery roller, the peeling rate can reach more than 95%. It can peel cassava epidermis and the second layer of skin efficiently, so the surface of the material after peeling is smoother and the material loss is low; the second special design is there is a spray system. On one hand, it can continually wash the sand roller and cassava raw materials, on the one hand, it can wash away the skin residue attached to the water sandpaper ,which can keep the cassava clean so that it can continue to process in the next part;third, at the bottom of the machine,there is a leather dregs collection device,avoid residue and sewage spills.

cassava peeling machine equipped with emery rollerCassava peeling machine equipped with emery roller

B. Cassava peeling machine equipped with stainless steel brush

The second one is equipped with stainless steel brush to peel the cassava.We have tested this kind of peeling machine for many times and we found its peeling effect is general. The steel wire on this equipment is extremely prone to fall off, which not only makes the machine easy to damage, but also affect the food safety of garri production. The final garri products are used to eat, once the steel wire mixed with subsequent processing, is also very dangerous; and the cassava raw materials are often stuck in the wire ring,its not suitable for continuous operation.

C. Cassava peeling machine equipped with plastic brush roller

The third one is equipped with plastic brush roller peeling,which more suitable for potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and other thin-skinned materials. The second layer of cassava's skin is relatively hard to remove with this plastic brush. Plastic brush is easy out of shape and has short service life.

D. Cassava peeling machine equipped with nailing roller

The last kind has the nailing roller design. Generally speaking, the nailing roller is easy to separate cassava and cassava skin into a whole piece, the raw material loss is relatively large.

cassava garri processing machineCassava garri processing machine

From what has been discussed above, we may find emery roll cassava peeling machine is the most suitable for garri processing, and the most popular in Nigeria, almost every month we will ship peeling machine to people in Nigeria. As a technology innovation company, Henan Jinrui Company has been committed to design and manufacture high quality cassava processing machine for years, welcome to contact us for more details and free quote of cassava peeling machine!sing equipment for years, welcome to contact us for more details and free quote of cassava peeling machine!

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