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How to make starch from sweet potato?

There are different methods for making starch from sweet potato, it includes manual production and industrial production method. Regardless of manual production or industrial production method, sweet potato starch making is relatively simple and the process is not complicated. The main process of making starch from sweet potato is cleaning, crushing, filtering, dehydrating, drying and packaging of sweet potato starch.

Manual production for making starch from sweet potato:

First, the cleaning of sweet potatoes.

The harvested sweet potatoes have a lot of dirts and impurities on the surface. Before crushing, they must be carefully cleaned. Otherwise, it is mixed in starch which will affect the quality of final sweet potato. So the sweet potato need to be washed with clean water for many times by hands to wash away the dirt impurities on the epidermis.

How to make starch from sweet potatoCleaning machine of sweet potatoes

Second, crushing sweet potatoes.

The sweet potato can be crushed by traditional stone grinding method to grind the sweet potato into paste. Now sweet potato starch is crushed by rasper with mechanized beating, fast speed, high efficiency and high starch output rate.

Third, filter the sweet potato slurry.

The sweet potato starch slurry is filtered through a fine filter screen to remove unbroken residue. In order to improve the sweet potato starch extraction rate, the residues will be re-crushed which can generally increase the starch extraction rate by 5%.

Fourth, dehydrating.

After filtering, sweet potato starch slurry is still left for 3 to 5 hours. After the turbid water on the upper layer of the sediment is discharged, pouring in clear water and then stir again, and let sit for about 5 hours. This is repeated several times. The more rinses, the higher the quality of sweet potato starch.

How to make starch from sweet potatoSweet potato starch processing machine

Fifth, starch drying.

After many rinses, the sediment water is drained, then dried by sun to remove moisture.

Sixth, sweet potato starch packaging.

Crushing the dried starch to get uniform fineness, then it can be packaged for storage or sale by hands.

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Industrial production method to make starch from sweet potato and it's characteristics:

1. Multi-level cleaning, the sweet potato raw materials can fully cleaned. Dry sieve and rotary washing machine can used for sweet potato raw material cleaning.

2. Secondary crushing with high crushing rate.

3. Coarse filtration, fine filtration, micro filtration to filter impurities such as fibers.

How to make starch from sweet potatoDesander

4. Sand and mud removal in stages to ensure the quality of final sweet potato starch.

5. Multistage hydrocyclone to concentrate refined starch which can improve starch precision. The purity of the sweet potato starch after processing can reach 23 Baume degrees.

6. Vacuum washing and dehydration, the starch is fluffy without agglomeration and the dehydration effect is very good. The vacuum dewater machine can dehydrate the starch milk to wet starch with a moisture content of about 40%.

7. Flash dryer machine with low temperature and large air volume drying. It has a good drying effect and can effectively avoid starch gelatinization. Flash dryer can dry sweet potato starch with the 10%-14% moisture content.

8. Mature sweet potato starch processing technology. 94% high quality and high starch extraction rate to maximize economic benefits.

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