Nigerian client ordered garri processing machine from Henan Jinrui Food Company

On Feb.18th 2022, Henan Jinrui Food Company got a garri processing machine order from Nigerian client. The order of this Nigerian client is a set of 1ptd garri processing line. Before we received his order, the Nigerian client has inspected many manufacturers of garri processing machine. But why he can choose Henan Jinrui Food Company finally? There are some reasons, including company strength, machine quality and warranty.

technology team of henan jinrui companyTechnology team of Henan jinrui company

Firstly is company strength, Henan Jinrui Food Company as an experienced cassava processing machine manufacturer, has own factory and technical teams. Henan Jinrui Food Company has made many garri processing and cassava flour as well as cassava starch processing projects in Africa, like Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria etc. All of these has proved that Henan Jinrui company has powerful strength in producing garri processing machine. After talking with the Nigerian client, he gained more awareness of Henan Jinrui company’s strength and trusted us can provide good quality garri processing machine.

Secondly is machine quality, most of clients want to choose durable garri processing machine so as to use for a long time and earn more benefits. Therefore, Henan Jinrui company makes effort to enhance production technology to meet clients’ demands. For instance, Henan Jinrui food Company’s cassava peeling machine is designed with sand rollers which has not only peeling rate up to 95% but also long service life. Besides, Henan Jinrui Food Company’s machines all use stainless steel material, which are better and safe in garri processing. The Nigerian client compared Henan Jinrui Food Company’s machines with others. Finally, he chose Henan Jinrui Food Company because of its good quality garri processing machine.

sand roller cassava peelerSand roller cassava peeler

Finally is warranty, before delivery, engineers of Henan Jinrui Food Company will install all the machines ready. In other words, you can use directly after you got the garri processing machine. Meanwhile, Henan Jinrui Food Company will provide technical support in working time to solve client’s problem in future garri processing machine’s operation. More than that, Henan Jinrui Food Company has a Nigerian branch office which can make him more convinced. So he decided to choose us.

nigerian branch office of henan jinrui companyNigerian branch office of Henan jinrui company

Nowadays, mechanizationis more and more popular in garri processing. If you have an idea to choose mechanical machine to replace manual in garri processing, you can contact us on our website. Henan Jinrui Food Company will be pleasure to receive your inquiry and customize garri processing machine for you.

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