How to peel cassava roots? Which machine is best?

How to peel cassava roots?

Cassava can be peeled manually or by machine. Manual peeling: Wash the cassava, then cut a knife from one side of the cassava with a fruit knife, and the cassava skin is peeled off with a gentle pull. But this method is only suitable for household consumption of cassava. If you want to invest in a cassava processing business and improve production efficiency, you can choose a cassava peeler machine.

Which peeler machine is best?

In common, there are four types of peeler machines in the market:

1. Stainless steel brush roller peeler machine, it can remove cassava skin. But when you use it for a long time, the stainless steel is easily dropping which will pollute the food.

2. Plastic brush roller peeler machine, it is mainly suitable for potato, sweet potato processing line, etc. You know the cassava is long and irregular, so the plastic brush is easy to break and the peeling effect is not good.

3. Nail roller design peeler machine, nail roller is easy to separate cassava and cassava skin into a whole block, the loss is relatively large.

cassava peeling machine cassava peelerSand roller type cassava peeler machine

4. Sand roller type peeler machine, it consists of several sand rollers. By friction between sand rollers and cassava roots, the machine can remove the first and second layers of cassava. The sandpaper is wrapped with the roller, when you use it for a long time, you just need to change the sandpaper only, you can continue to use the peeling machine again. This is Henan Jinrui's new model-type cassava peeling machine, it’s the most reliable cassava peeler on the market. When peeling is processed, spray water can be added to clean peeling residue and makes peeling better. And this peeler machine's peeling rate can reach 96%.

Henan Jinrui not only has the best cassava peeler machine but also has other cassava processing machines. Such as garri machine, flour machine, starch machine, and chip machine. So if you want to learn more, don't hesitate to contact me.

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