What kind of cassava starch content is high?

There are many factors that influence the starch content of cassava. In addition to the maturity of the cassava starch processing machine technology, the starch content in different cassava is also different. So do you know which kind of cassava is high in starch? What key points should you pay attention to? This article will give you a detailed answer.

The starch content in cassava tubers is closely related to the cassava variety, harvest period and storage period. This article will answer the question of what kind of cassava starch content is high from these three aspects.

different cassava starch contentSelect fresh cassava high in starch

1. Different varieties of cassava has different starch content.

Different varieties of cassava have different starch content. In common, it is from 10% to 30% or more higher, so you can test your cassava variety you used, which will influence yield of starch. It is better that you can high starch varieties to increase the yield of starch.

2. Harvest period will influence cassava starch content.

The harvest period of the same variety of cassava is different, and the starch content is also different. You harvest cassava early, the starch in the cassava has not reached the peak, and the starch content is lower. If the harvest is too late, starch will be turned into sugar and dextrin, thereby reducing the starch content. In common, it is better to harvest from November to December. The whole growth period has more than 300 days.

3. The storage time of fresh cassava.

You know the storage time of fresh cassava also can influence the starch content. Long-term storage, cassava is relatively dry, one is that the skin of the cassava is not easy to peel, and the other is that the cassava is stored for too long, which will lead to saccharification and affect the yield of starch. That is to mean, more fresh cassava you use, the higher starch content you can get. So it is better to find a place close to the starch factory, so you can collect and process your cassava timely.

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In summary, the different varieties of cassava, harvest period of cassava and storage of fresh cassava all influence the starch content of cassava to a certain degree. Therefore, in order to produce high quality cassava starch, it's necessary to choose fresh cassava high in strach content and to put into production as soon as possible after harvesting.

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