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4 different dewatering machine's designs for tuber crops

There are 4 different dewatering machine's designs for tuber crops in Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui Food Engineering Co., Ltd. They are vacuum dehydrator machine, peeler centrifuge machine, plate frame filter machine and hydraulic press machine which are constructed according to the different material properties. They have the same function but different design. So do you want to know more about the 4 different dewatering machine's designs? Please read more.

Suitable for different materials:

- Compared to the peeler centrifuge machine, vacuum dehydrator machine is suitable for processing materials with larger particle sizes. So it is designed for sweet potato starch milk and potato starch milk.

- The peeler centrifuge machine is suitable for the dewatering grated cassava starch milk.

- Plate frame filter machine is a dewatering machine in cassava flour production line.

- Hydraulic press machine is construted for garri processing line.

Different dehydration rate:

- The vacuum dehydrator used in the sweet potato starch production line and the potato starch production line can dehydrate the starch milk to wet starch with a moisture content of about 40%;

- The peeler centrifuge can remove the moisture of the tapioca starch to about 36.5%;

- The plate frame filter machine can dehydrate the broken cassava pulp into a cassava flour cake with a moisture content of about 40%.

- Hydraulic press machine can dewater the extra water from garri at 38-40% dehydration rate.

cassava dewatering machineDifferent dehydration rate

Different dehydration principles:

The dehydration principles used by the 4 different dewatering machine's designs for tuber crops are different.

- The vacuum dehydrator mainly adopts the principle of vacuum adsorption. When the vacuum dehydrator is working, the vacuum drum starts to rotate under the driving action of the motor, then the wet starch is adsorbed on the inner wall filter cloth of the vacuum dehydrator. When the wet starch on the press cloth reaches a certain thickness, the wet starch is scraped off by the fixed scraper and the filtrate enters the soda separator, so as to achieve the purpose of separating starch, steam and water.

- The filtrate is discharged through a tangentially arranged and movable drain pipe on the back of the drum of the peeler centrifuge machine to control the radial height between the liquid level and the filter screen, which will make the liquid outside the filter screen produce outward pressure, thus achieving the effect of dehydration.

- When the cassava slurry flows through the filter cloth in plate frame filter machine, the cassava flour solid will stay on the filter cloth. After continuous accumulation on the filter cloth, a filter cake will be formed to fill the filter chamber. The filtrate will pass through the filter cloth and flow along the filter plate groove to the corner channel of the plate frame for centralized discharge.

- When using hydraulic press machine, firstly we need pull put the cylinder and put fermented garri in, then garri is pressed by hydraulic pumping station. The pressed extra water flows out from the press barrel hole and flows to the designated place.

For these 4 different dewatering machine's designs for for tuber crops, you need to combine the processing needs and the actual situation with a targeted choice of dewatering machine. It will improve your processing efficiency and profitability. If you don't know what is the suitable dewatering machine for yourself, you can leave message, then our sales manager will give you a solution.

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