Which is higher quality, hand-produced cassava starch or machine-produced cassava starch?

People who come to us to buy cassava starch processing equipment will ask whether hand-produced cassava starch is of better quality than machine-produced cassava starch? The answer is of course not. The following will give you an analysis and answer from the three factors that affect the quality of starch.

To identify whether the quality of starch is good, it is necessary to start from three aspects: starch whiteness, starch taste and starch final water content.

cassava starch processing methodTwo processing methods of cassava starch

1. Starch whiteness

The hand-produced starch production section has poor continuity, and the crushed cassava material stays in the air for a long time, and the material will be oxidized, so the color of the produced starch is yellowish. Machine production completely makes up for this shortcoming. The continuous operation from cassava crushing to drying and packaging greatly reduces the exposure time of materials in the air, so the whiteness of cassava starch is guaranteed.

2. Starch taste

In the process of manual production of cassava starch, because the cassava is not sufficiently broken and separated, the starch granules produced are larger and have more impurities, which has never resulted in poor food taste. However, the mechanized cassava starch production line is equipped with different levels of devices in the cleaning, sand removal, and impurity filtering sections, which can fully remove various impurities in starch.

3. Starch final water content

Starch with high water content is not easy to store. The water content of hand-produced cassava starch cannot be accurately grasped, and the water content is usually between 14% and 20%. But if you use cassava starch drying equipment-air flow dryer, the starch moisture can be controlled between 8%-14%, and you can choose the drying degree according to your needs.

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