Cassava starch processing plant designed for African customers

Cassava roots are widely planted in African countries. Besides the tuber crops are easily grown, which makes raw material cost low. Meanwhile, price of cassava end products like garri, cassava flour and cassava starch are at high rate. Therefore, cassava deep processing is considered as a profitable business and gain great support from government. Among all products, starch has the hugest market. The article will briefly introduce our cassava starch processing plant designed for African countries. 【See also: What is the price of cassava starch processing machine?

The cassava starch processing plant consists of three sections: cleaning section, processing section and drying section. The production line is fully automatic and can guarantee high starch yield. From when fresh cassava tubers are input, about half an hour you can get high quality cassava starch at end and then product will be out continuously.

Cleaning section dry sieve, paddle washing machine cassava roots cleaning machine
Processing section cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, hrdrocyclone station cassava starch processing machine
Drying section peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, sifter sieve and packing machine cassava starch drying and sieving machine

Cleaning section

The part is pre-processing of raw material. Firstly raw fresh cassava roots will be put into feeding hopper, and then they will be transport by belt conveyor to dry sieve machine. Dry sieve machine will remove surface impurities attached on cassava. And then paddle washing machine will be used to clean cassava completely.

Processing section

Cleaned cassava firstly will be cut into small pieces by cutting machine, and then drop down to rasper machine for being crushed thoroughly. Here starch will be released as much as possible, ensuring high yield of final starch. And then cassava mash will be pumped into centrifuge sieve machine to remove fibers, and then go through hydrocyclone station to separate protein and cell liquids, from which we will get purified starch milk.

Drying section

The section will be divided into two parts: starch dewatering and drying. Starch milk from processing section will be firstly pumped into dehydrator (it could be vacuum filter and peeler centrifuge, depends on capacity and configuration selection). And then we can get wet starch with moisture around 40%. After that, wet starch will be sent to flash dryer for final drying. Flash dryer will complete drying starch in short time and starch output moisture will be around 12-14% which can be adjusted according to clients’ request. After drying, sieving machine and packaging machine is suggested to make production more complete.

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The above is brief introduction of cassava starch processing plant designed for African countries. Feel free to contact us if you have a plan of setting up a cassava starch processing plant.

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