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Cassava flour production in Ghana - its modern processing way

The Ghana Minister of Food and Agriculture said that the Ghanaian government has put the agricultural reform to promote economic transformation on the agenda and will focus on the cassava industry chain. In explaining the reasons, he pointed out that cassava flour production in Ghana is very important for the majority of rural residents, and has significant potential value for industrial development. He said that the government is formulating policies to promote the high-quality cassava flour widely used in the food industry.

In order to promote cassava flour production in Ghana, the production technology of cassava flour in Ghana is constantly improving, especially the introduction of advanced modern cassava flour processing machine has greatly improved the processing efficiency of Ghana's cassava flour.

cassava flour production in GhanaCassava flour production in Ghana

The modern processing way for cassava flour production in Ghana includes cleaning & washing, crushing, desanding, dehydration and drying. After these precedures by modern equipment, a series of high-purity and high-standard finished products are processed into the market.

In the process of cleaning and washing, the dry sieve and the paddle cleaning machine are used to remove the soil and gravel on the surface of the cassava, and some of the outer skin can be washed away.

Then most cassava flour production in Ghana equips a cassava peeler for remove cassava peels, but generally the peeling rate can not reach 100%. Of course, newest cassava flour processing technology developed by Doing Company can omit peeling step and using high efficient rasper to crush cassava into mash.

Before crushing, a cassava cutter can be adopted to cut the long cassava into samll pieces, so that cassava can be crushed more throughly and thus improve the cassava flour yield. Then cutted cassava is broken and crushed under the high-speed rotation of the blade of the rasper, which can further increase the extraction rate of the cassava flour.

cassava flour production in GhanaCassava cleaning, washing, crushing machine

Crushed cassava is then screwed into a desander, where its sand content will be removed. Through this step, the produced cassava flour has higher quality and better taste.

The dehydration and drying process is for the semi-finished cassava flour in cassava flour production in Ghana. The plate and frame filter press (dewatering machine) and the flash dryer are used to complete these two steps. In the dewatering machine, the crushed cassava pulp is filtered into a cassava plate by high-intensity pressure, wherein the water content can be reduced to about 40%, but the specific water content can be adjusted according to customer requirements, thereby obtaining different levels.

The cassava flour from the dewatering machine can be dried after simple crushing. The flash dryer uses the fan to instantaneously dry the cassava flour, which ensures uniform moisture in cassava flour. Besides, it does not run the powder during the process so there is no excessively lose of the flour. The combination of the above machines guarantees the high quality and high standards of cassava flour production in Ghana.

cassava flour production in GhanaDesanding, dewatering & drying machine

Although Ghana is the third largest producer of cassava in Africa and the sixth largest producer of cassava in the world. The status of cassava in the economy has not received sufficient attention relative to its production level. The Minister of Trade and Industry of Ghana stated that cassava has not received enough attention in the past and should now play a greater role in promoting economic transformation. He pointed out that more than 45% of the harvested cassava was wasted in the follow-up process, and the income that cassava created for Ghana was actually comparable to cocoa. Ghana imports a large amount of ethanol and medicinal starch every year, and this situation will change if the industry chain of cassava flour production in Ghana can attract enough attention.

There is no dount that cassava flour production business in Gnana will grows rapidly in the future. If you are a keen or foresight businessman, you will know that now it is the right time for you to enter the cassava flour prodcution business in Ghana to seize the market share. And if you are interested, welcome to contact Henan Doing Company, we can offer you advanced equipment or turnkey projects.

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