Cassava processing and potato starch processing video

3D video of garri processing machine running in garri processing factory

What the 3D video shows is the garri processing machine working process in garri processing factory.

The mainly used garri processing machine includes: Feeding hopper - dry sieve - paddle washer - cassava peeling machine - cassava grating machine - screw conveyor - hydraulic press - crusher - cooling system - vibration sieve - packaging machine

The garri making process in garri processing factory is as below:

1. Transport cassava into feeding hopper, then convey cassava to dry sieve and paddle washer for removing impurities.

2. Peel cleaned cassava and grate it into mash.

3. Pack grated cassava mash into bags to ferment for 2 or three days.

4. Use hydraulic press to press extract water out of garri, and fry it to get dry garri.

5. Cool dry garri in cooling system and sift out large particles by using a vibration sieve.

6. Pack produced garri for storage in garri processing factory.


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