Cassava production and processing

What can cassava be processed into?

Cassava is the staple crops in South America, Africa etc. To increase its economic value, more and more people prefer to process cassava into different products and then increase their income. For the African market, the most popular products mainly cassava starch, cassava flour, chips, garri etc.

what can cassava be processed intoCassava can be processed into starch, flour, garri and chips

For cassava starch, it is made through washing cassava, grating cassava to extract starch, then separating impurities to get pure starch, and finally drying to get commercial standard starch. It is mainly for industrial use, like the textile industry, paper industry, chemical industry and so on, with a large demand in all over the world. If the investors have a good channel of the market, it shall be the largest profitable project. But meanwhile, it requires the largest investment compared with other projects for it has most complicated process and the most complicated cassava starch processing machine.

cassava processingCassava starch processing machine

For cassava flour, especially high quality cassava flour, it is a new product in recent several years because people realize that it can be used to replace the wheat flour to make bread, biscuit, etc. It is made by grating washed cassava into slurry and then dewatering and drying it. High quality cassava flour has a huge market in Africa local, it can be sold to various bakery. The investment for cassava flour processing project is around 100,000 USD~400,000 USD.

cassava processingCassava flour plant project

For garri, it is a staple food in Africa, especially in west Africa. It is a daily food for people. To meet the large demand every day, there are many small workshops produce garri with manual work. But apparently, the small scale manual workshop can not meet the requirement, especially when now the population is increasing rapidly. So more and more producers start to using modern garri processing machine to produce garri. The investment for garri project is very small, around 3,000~200,000 USD, according to different capacities and requirements. In addition, if you start garri business in Africa, you do no need to worry about the market problem, for no matter how many tons you produce, you can sell out.

cassava processingGarri

Cassava can also be processed into chips, which is mainly used for animal feed use, or deep processing for ethanol, syrup, beer, etc. Its making process is simple, just to clean it up and slicing it into chips of 10-25 mm and dry it. Small investors only need one cassava chips machine to produce cassava chips.

No matter which products you want to process, you need a business plan, cost-profit analysis etc to ensure a better understanding of these projects. Doing Company can not only provide these to you, but also design and manufacture all these required cassava processing machines for you. Besides, our project engineer can also provide you turnkey projects. You are welcomed to contact us if you need assistance from us.

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