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What are the preparations before using cassava starch processing equipment?

The use of professional cassava starch processing equipment can improve the work efficiency of the enterprise and can bring profits to users. However, before operating equipment, some preparation works must be done to prevent unexpected situations and extend equipment service life. So what are the basic preparations for before using cassava starch processing equipment?

preparations before using cassava starch processing equipment

Before using cassava starch processing equipment, the following three measures are required to be prepared for future production.

1. Clean up the factory to ensure a clean environment

Cassava starch is generally used for food or industry use. If starch is used for food processing, hygiene is the primary prerequisite for compliance. Before using cassava starch processing equipment, not only should we pay attention to the careful washing and inspection of the machine itself, but also pay attention to the pollution brought by the surrounding environment. Under special circumstances, the plant area should be properly humidified, dusted, etc. to prevent dust pollution, explosion and other dangerous situations. The occurrence of cleaning work before starch processing is necessary even if the produced starch is not used in the food industry.

preparations before using cassava starch processing equipmentClean up the factory

Basic environmental hygiene requirements

(1) The operation room is clean, bright and airy

(2) The cassava starch processing equipment needs to be cleaned up, there is no debris in the equipment, and the outer of equipment is kept clean.

(3) The ground is guaranteed to be cleaned once a day.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to smoke during operation. Do not stack unrelated debris in the equipemnt operating workshop.

cassava starch processing equipmentClean equipment

2. Check the equipment situation

Cassava starch processing equipment is generally a complete set of processing equipment, so each equipment needs to be checked before starting. If the equipment is found to have abnormal noise during test running, it is necessary to report, check, and repair the equipment in time. Because if the equipment has problems but is not found, it is more dangerous in actual operation.

In addition, each cassava starch processing equipment is not a separate product, but made up of a series of components. Therefore, if a small part is damaged or sparked, it will not only damage the equipment, but also cause harm to the operator. Therefore, the inspection work before using the equipment is indispensable.

As a professional starch processing machine manufacturer, Doing company will send professional engineer to debug equipment for customer, ensure equipment in good condition before operation.

preparations before using cassava starch processing equipmentCheck equipment

3. Train operators

The use of cassava starch processing equipment to produce starch requires the operator having a certain understanding of the equipment. Not only they need to understand the principle of the equipment, but also be proficient in the use of equipment, and be able to cope with sudden changes of the machine. This requires professional operations, so the operator needs to be intensively trained to explain the relevant practical knowledge. This is an indispensable investment for the enterprise, and it is also very meaningful. On the one hand, it reduces the error rate of the operators in terms of skills, on the other hand, it increases the production efficiency and reduces the machine loss.

And we Doing company can provide free operator training services. We have professional starch equipment engineers to train at the customer's factory until they have mastered the equipment operation knowledge.

preparations before using cassava starch processing equipmentTrain operators

The above is the preparation work before using the cassava starch processing equipment. It is believed that as long as the preparatory work in the early stage is completed according to the above three points, the equipment can better exert its performance when used. In addition, when conditions permit, it is best to choose high-quality cassava starch processing equipment, which not only can improve productivity, reduce failure rate, ensure safe production, but also play a better role of starch processing equipment, bringing higher economic benefits.

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