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What mobile cassava processing machines are used for starch processing?

Do you know what mobile cassava processing machines? Mobile cassava processing machines for starch processing is a new and practical design for starch processing. It meets client's requirement for low power consumption and convenient operation at farm site as well as high quality starch production.

This new mobile cassava processing machines for starch processing are simple but high efficiency design, which has advantages of large capacity, low power consumption and easy operated. Put raw cassava tubers into the equipment and finally you can get purified starch slurry as output product.

mobile cassava starch processing machinesMobile cassava processing machines for starch processing

The mainly used mobile cassava processing machines are used for starch processing includes:

Cutting machine, screw conveyor, crushing machine, rotary sieve, hydrocyclone, de-sander etc.

mobile cassava processing machinesMobile cassava starch processing machines in plant

Procedures of starch processing by mobile cassava processing machines

1. Put cassava tubers into the machine and start extraction.

2. High quality starch slurry discharged from mobile starch plant.

3. Starch slurry has high concentration, can use the bucket to replace the dehydrator, simplify the operation.

4. After 6 to 8 hours sedimentation, the worker can get a complete powder block, no loss of starch, and does not have to worry about the problem of powder lost in the filtrate of the dehydrator.

5. After getting wet starch block, place them outside and dry starch by sunlight.

mobile cassava processing machinesStarch making process

Advantages of mobile cassava processing machines for starch processing:

a. No need to install, can be easily transported to the site where raw materials are available, not limited by the origin of raw materials.

b. No site restrictions, both indoor and outdoor are allowed, as long as the motor prevents from water or rain.

c. It has advantages of low consumption, high degree of automation, lower water consumption and less occupied area, which is very suitable for small farmers and cooperatives.

Mobile cassava starch processing machines can be installed in the truck

This set of mobile cassava processing machines for starch processing can be packed up in a truck, and transported to the raw material grown places. If your capacity is small, you can build up a plastic greenhouse outside to dry wet starch, which can help you reduces equipment cost and achieve required moisture content. But if high capacity is required, after mobile starch plant produce wet starch cake, all starch can be gathered to a place and use a flash dryer to get dried starch powder.

If you want to start cassava starch processing at small scale, the mobile cassava processing machines for starch processing is your best choice. Leave your message here and get more details.

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