What types of cassava processing machines are in DOING HOLDINGS, China?

DOING HOLDINGS is a manufacturer and supplier cassava deep processing machinery, with more than 20,000 square meters workshop in China. The types of cassava processing machine in DOING HOLDINGS, China mainly include garri processing machines, cassava flour/fufu flour processing plant and cassava starch production line. The following is the brief introduction for the 3 different types of cassava processing machine are in DOING HOLDINGS, China.

Garri processing machine

Garri is one of edible food in West Africa and has big sales market. With many years of business experience in Nigeria, DOING HOLDINGS developed full set of machines for cassava garri processing. Garri processing machines include cassava peeler, cassava grater, hydraulic press, garri fryer and vibration sieve.

Cassava flour/fufu flour processing plant

As for cassava flour/fufu flour processing plant, DOING company adopts wet processing. The whole line is divided into 3 sections: cleaning, crushing and drying. In cleaning section, dry sieve and paddle washing machine are used to clean and wash the attached impurities. Then cassava cutting machine and rasper are used for crushing section. In last drying process, we have plate-frame filter press for dewatering, flash dryer for instantaneous drying to guarantee high quality final flour. The similar process is applied in fufu flour processing plant, what is different is that there is fermentation process added in fufu flour processing plant. The cassava processing machines are in DOING HOLDINGS, China can achieve full automation of production, greatly improve production capacity and product quality.

Cassava starch production line

In addition, DOING HOLDINGS can provide complete production line for cassava starch. The whole line is also divided into 3 sections: cassava cleaning, starch extraction and starch drying. The first section is the same as cassava flour processing plant. Dry sieve and paddle washing machine will clean cassava. In starch extraction section, cutting machine and rasper are used to crush cassava, centrifuge sieve machine is used to separate starch and hydrocyclone is used to separate protein and refine starch slurry. Finally in drying process, peeler centrifuge is for dewatering and flash dryer is for complete drying.

Apart from machines for garri, cassava flour/fufu flour and cassava starch, DOING HOLDINGS can supply industrial cassava chipping machine, which is mostly used in ethanol plant. If you need either one of them, please contact us.

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