How does cassava chips cutting machine work?

Cassava chips is mostly used for ethanol production, which is very popular in Africa recently. Cassava chips cutting machine designed by DOING can achieve large production capacity. Next we will have a brief introduction about how does cassava chips cutting machine work.

cassava chips cutting machineCassava chips cutting machine

Firstly, know the structure of cassava chips cutting machine:

Rack, feeding pot, power, driving shaft and rotary drum with knives.

How does cassava chips cutting machine work?

Normally after cleaning process, cassava tubers will be transported into cassava chips cutting machine through input hopper. The input hopper is designed with an inclined sheet, to buffer the material and adjust direction of cassava roots evenly, which is convenient for subsequent cutting. There is a rotary drum inside cassava chips cutting machine which is designed with six knives that can greatly improve cutting efficiency and production capacity. When the cassava chips cutting machine starts working, motor drives the driving shaft, then shaft drives the round drum to rotate at a high speed. When cassava roots fall down into the cassava chips cutting machine, they will be cut into slice by the high speed rotary drum with knives, and then sent out by belt conveyor. The whole production is finished.

cassava chips cutting machineCassava chips cutting machine is working

If the final cassava chips are used to make edible food, it is necessary to clean and peel cassava roots before slicing. If the final chips are used to make ethanol, then there is no need for deep peeling and washing to cut cassava chips.

The thickness of cassava chips produced by cassava chips cutting machine can be adjusted between 10-30mm. And diesel drive and electric drive are both available, you can choose it based on local situation. Apart from cassava chips cutting machine, DOING company also manufacture machines for cleaning, washing and peeling. You just need to tell us final usage of cassava chips and production capacity, then our project manager will give you detailed and complete proposal.

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