How many hectares of cassava plantation do I need to build a small cassava processing plant?

As we all know, cassava deep processing project is becoming more and more popular and promising in Nigeria, which not only it has a larger sales market but also it gets lots of favorable policies from the local government. Owing to this, people besides Nigerian also want to invest cassava processing business in a certain degree. To begin with, before building a cassava processing plant, they should collect enough fresh cassava. So to those who want to plant cassava by themselves or find a stable cassava farmer to cooperate, how many hectares of cassava plantation do they need? Based on many customers' real cassava projects, let us give you some examples below:

cassava plantationTo collect enough cassava to build your cassava procesisng plant

Cassava can be processed into many useful products, such garri, cassava flour, cassava starch, etc. This article will take three main promising products for example.

Garri processing plant

Garri is loved for its unique slightly sour taste, it is served as part of a meal with soups and sauces. To make garri, cassava tubers are washed, peeled, grated, fermented and fried. If you have a garri processing plant, all the above processes can be finished by the automatic machine. Small scale garri processing plant from Henan Jinrui company is hot sale in Nigeria, which include peeler, grater, hydraulic presser, garri fryer, vibration sieve and packaging machine. The smallest capacity is 1tpd. To build such a small garri processing plant, you will need around 20~50 ha land of cassava plantation.

Cassava flour processing plant

Cassava flour can be used to produce bread, biscuits, noddles and other foods. The small scale cassava flour plant include washing machine, peeler, crusher, dewatering machine, dryer, fine milling machine, sieving machine and packaging machine. The capacity of cassava flour processing plant is around 10-15 tons cassava per day. To build such a cassava flour processing plant, you will need to prepare around 50~200ha cassava plantation.

different cassava processingYou can build different cassava products processing plant

Cassava starch processing plant

Cassava starch is widely used in food and industrial field. There is huge demand for starch especially for industry use like paper making, textile, glue, drilling, etc. At the same time, cassava starch processing plant is the most complicated and expensive. Starting with small scale cassava starch processing plant is a good choice. It includes machines for raw material cleaning, crushing, fiber separation, starch refining and concentration, drying, sieving and packaging. The smallest capacity is to process 2 tons cassava per hour. To build such a cassava starch processing plant, 200~500ha cassava plantation is required.

All the above is Henan Jinrui can provide for you, if you have a plan to set up one cassava processing plant, feel free to contact us any time.

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