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Cassava flour processing flow chart

Cassava flour is produced from fresh cassava tubers and can be used in the food processing industry instead of wheat flour. In Africa, cassava has a short maturity cycle and is easy to grow and manage, so cassava deep processing has attracted great interest of investors, among which cassava flour processing is one of the hottest projects. We Doing Company adopts world advanced wet processing technology which can produce high -quality cassava flour (HQCF). Please check to bellow the introduction of cassava flour processing flow chart for your better understanding.

cassava flourCassava & cassava flour

Cassava flour processing flow chart:

Raw cassava tubers → cleaning → washing → cutting → fine crushing → desanding → dewatering → drying → sieving → finished HQCF.

These are the procedures of cassava flour processing, which can be grouped into three sections: raw material cleaning section, processing section and drying section.

cassava flour processing flow chartCassava flour processing flow chart

1.Raw material cleaning section.

This section includes cleaning and washing procedures. Firstly raw cassava tubers are sent to a dry sieve for removal of impurities that are attached on the surface of roots, like sand, stones, weeds, etc. After that, cassava is transported to a paddle washing machine to proceed complete and deep cleaning. A combination of dry cleaning and wet washing can achieve a high cleaning effect and meanwhile the outer grey cassava peels are basically removed.

Cassava flour processing flow chartDry sieve and paddle washing machine for casssava cleaning and washing

2.Material processing section.

This section includes cutting, fine crushing and desanding procedures. This is the key process that ensures the fineness of the finished product. Firstly cassava is cut into small pieces, and then is crushed into cassava mash by rasper machine. Rasper machine is the equipment that can crush cassava into fine granules and ensure high fineness. After that de-sanding machine will be applied to remove small tiny sands mixed in cassava mash before it goes into dehydration process.

cassava flour processing flow chartCassava processing machine

3.Drying section.

This section includes dewatering, drying and sieving procedures. After we get cassava mash from the above process section, it will be pumped into a filter press machine to squeeze out water and get wet cassava cake with moisture content 38%-40%. Then wet cassava cake is crushed and then sent to flash dryer to achieve drying requirement with moisture around 10-12%. Finally, to ensure high quality, we will use vibration sieve to separate coarse flour.

cassava flour processing flow chartCassava drying section

Above are the detailed introduction of our cassava flour processing flow chart. Hope that this article already gives you a clear idea of how to make high- quality cassava flour. If you have any more questions, please leave your message here and we will reply to you soon.

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