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How does the cassava flour drying machine work? And its principle

In cassava flour processing, the cassava flour drying machine is an important step. Using cassava flour drying machine can effectively prevent flour gelatinization and ensure the quality of the final cassava flour. After drying, the water content of the final cassava flour will be about 12%.

How does the cassava flour drying machine work?

The cold air enters the radiator plate through the air filter, the heated hot airflow enters the cassava flour drying machine, and the wet cassava flour material enters the hopper of the feeding unit.

Then the wet cassava flour material is conveyed into the elevator through the feeding twister, The hoisting machine rotates at a high speed to throw the wet cassava flour material into the cassava flour drying machine so that the wet cassava flour material is suspended in the high-speed hot air flow and performs heat exchange.

After the cassava flour is dried, it enters the cyclone separator with the cassava flour drying machine. The finial dried cassava flour is separated. Finally, the final cassava flour will be screened and packaged into the warehouse and prepared for sale.

cassava flour drying machineCassava flour drying machine

The principle of cassava flour drying machine

The cassava flour drying machine adopts negative pressure. Usually when the cassava flour is feed into the drying part, the cassava flour is dried within 2s, then cassava flour will go through the cooling part so as to guarantee the quality of cassava flour. Drying process is controlled by interlocking system, which keeps input capacity and inlet temperature in appropriate rate.

The whole system is automatic which automatically adjusts the input quality and the moisture in the whole drying system to ensure the moisture stability of the product.

cassava flour drying machineThe process of cassava flour drying

The turbulent motion of airflow, cyclone separation, heat exchange and other factors are fully considered in cassava flour drying machine. And the process configuration and technical parameters have strong theoretical basis. If you are interested in it, please contact us.

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