What are the automatic potato/cassava starch dehydration equipment?

Dehydration equipment plays an important role in starch processing, and its efficiency affects the quality of the final starch. In addition, the level of starch water content has an impact on the starch yield and storage difficulty. Therefore, in order to obtain prosperous economic benefits, it is essential to configure high-efficiency advanced starch dehydration equipment.

With the improvement of automation, more and more starch processing plants have begun to use fully automatic starch dehydration equipment for solid-liquid separation. The automatic potato starch dehydration equipment mainly includes vacuum filter and peeler centrifuge, which are suitable for different types of starch dehydration.

Vacuum filter—sweet potato/potato starch dehydration equipment

Vacuum dehydrator is a kind of  dehydration equipment that can continuously feed and unload, and is often used in sweet potato/potato starch production lines. The vacuum dehydrator adopts the principle of vacuum adsorption. The drum keeps rotating to make the starch milk evenly slurried, and then the pressure difference is generated by continuous vacuuming, so that the starch emulsion adsorbed on the drum is separated from solid and liquid, and the water enters the drum through the filter cloth. Inside, the wet starch accumulates on the filter cloth to form a filter cake, which will be scraped and collected by a scraper when the thickness of the filter cake is certain. After the sweet potato starch milk is processed by a vacuum dehydrator, wet starch with a moisture content of about 40% can be obtained.

vacuum filterVacuum filter used in starch dehydration

Peeler centrifuge—cassava starch dehydration equipment

The peeler centrifuge is an important dehydration equipment in the cassava starch production line. It can continuously feed and discharge intermittently, and has a good solid-liquid separation effect. The moisture content of the finished starch is about 36.5%. The scraper centrifuge achieves the dehydration effect through the action of centrifugal force. The water is thrown out of the drum through the filter medium and the small holes on the drum, and the starch particles are trapped on the filter medium to form a filter cake. The plate and frame filter press is combined with resistance, the cassava pulp flows through the filter medium, and the water is removed through the filter cloth, and the particles are attached to the filter cloth. The greater the resistance, the thicker the filter cake, and the more water is removed.

peeler centrifugePeeler centrifuge for dewatering starch

For starch production lines of different materials, it is necessary to select an appropriate starch dehydration equipment according to the actual starch moisture requirements, considering the investment budget. Henan Jinrui has more than ten years of starch processing equipment manufacturing experience, and can provide you with the most cost-effective starch dehydration equipment!

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