The new design cassava flour 3D video

This is a complete cassava flour processing line full view 3D video. Cassava flour processing consists of three main sections. The machines used in the entire processing line are dry sieve, paddle washer, peeling machine, cutting machine, rasper, plate-frame filter press, cassava hammer crusher, flash dryer, sifter sieve and packing machine.

Above of all, cassava cleaning section. In this video, the cassava is first transported to a dry sieve by a belt conveyor, where it will remove the cassava adhering to the silt, weeds and other impurities. Then it goes into the paddle washer, which washes all the impurities from the cassava.

Then, cassava processing section. The cleaned cassava is conveyed to a cassava peeler machine by another belt conveyor for peeling. After that, use a cutter to cut the peeled cassava into small pieces. The cassava chunks then go into a rasper for crushing and grinding.

Finally, cassava drying section. The crushed cassava enters the plate-frame filter press to remove excess water, and then uses the cassava hammer crusher to break the cassava cake. After that, the wet cassava flour enters a flash dryer for instant drying. The obtained dry cassava flour is then sieved through a sifter sieve machine to remove large particles. Finally, the finished cassava flour will be packaged for sale or storage.

The technological gaps contribute to a number of constraints in cassava flour processing. Henan jinrui company’s cassava flour processing machine is labor-saving and high-efficient. We also have professional R&D team, advanced technology, powerful manufacturing. Therefore, it can break some limits in traditional ways in cassava flour processing machine. If you have ideas to buy or upgrade cassava flour processing machine, welcome to contact HENAN JINRUI for more information.

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