Small garri processing plant running well in Benin

This video mainly shows that the small garri processing plant sold by Henan Jinrui Company is running well in Benin and has brought huge profits to customers. In this video, the cassava peeler, grater, hydraulic dewater and fryer in the garri processing plant are mainly shown. After simple manual cleaning, the cassava is transported to the cassava peeling machine for peeling, and the peeling rate can reach 96%. A grater then breaks the cassava into a wet paste. After the broken cassava is bagged and fermented for 2-3 days, it is then stir-fried in a fryer to turn it into white or yellow garri. Finally, the garri can be sieved and sold in bags.

Generally speaking, these machines can form a small semi-automatic garri processing plant, which is suitable for beginners in the garri processing business. Although the output is small, all the processing sections of garri are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel. The quality of garri finished products is guaranteed, and the production efficiency is high, which can save labor.

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