Complete set of small scale garri processing line

This video introduces you to the complete set of small scale garri processing line of Henan Jinrui company. It mainly shows what machines are needed in the garri processing line and their functions and characteristics, and you can get more detailed information about the garri production process.

In this video, the host introduced the production process of the small garri processing line, which mainly includes peeling, grating, mash fermentation, dewatering, garri frying, and sieving. Machines used in line mainly includes cassava peeler, cassava grater, hydraulic press, garri fryer, and vibration sieve.

The first step is the cassava is peeled by a cassava peeler. The cassava peeler designed by sand roller, and it can remove the first and second layers of cassava tubers. This cassava peeler's peeling rate can reach to 95% with perfect peeling effect. The second step is crushing cassava tubers with gater machine. It can separater starch water from grated cassava mash which is good for mash fermentation to get garri. Then, the cassava mash will be packed to bags to fermentation. After two days of mash fermentation, wet cassava mesh will be put out into hydraulic press for dewatering. Through the principle of hydraulic pressure, the water in the cassava is squeezed to the remaining 38%-40%. Next, we need to fry cassava and get finished garri though garri fryer. This fryer can automatically stir and control temperature that ensure the taste of garri. There is three heating system like electric, diesel or gas, you can choose the most suitable one to you. Finally, the vibration sieve is used to separate crude fibers and large particles to get higher quality garri with uniform finesse. And you can packed and sell to the market.

Small scale garri processing line are more suitable for smaller processing plants and workshops with lower production capacity. In addition, Henan Jinrui also produces large garri production lines for satisfying customer needs. You can choose the appropriate garri equipment according to the actual situation. If you have more questions, we can provide you with the best service.

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