Cassava processing and potato starch processing video

Cassava peeling machine running video in cassava production plant

The tested machine is the third generation cassava peeling machine of DOING, which is designed based on the European advanced technology and feedback from customers. It adopts sand roller design and can effectively remove two layer of cassava peels in a whole pieces, reducing cassava waste. Meanwhile, it can process 1-5 tons of cassava per hour which greatly improve working efficiency.

When cassava peeling machine works, cassava enters cassava peeling machine, the motor drives the cassava brush to rotate, which causes the cassava and the brush to rub against each other, and meanwhile the cassava also rubs against each other, so that the cassava is peeled by the friction principle. While the cassava is peeled, the conveyor screw drives the cassava to roll forward and transfer the peeled cassava to the next section. And the peels of cassava and other debris fall into collection tank.

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