Cassava production and processing

What are cassava flour making machines?

Cassava flour making machines are used in cassava processing factory to produce flour from fresh cassava tubers. Cassava flour making machines mainly include dry sieve, paddle washer, cutting machine, rasper, desander, filter press, flasher dryer and flour sifter. There are 3 sections in the production process of cassava flour making: cleaning, crushing and drying section. Next i will introduce what are cassava flour making machines used in the 3 sections.

The first section of cassava flour making is cleaning. Cassava flour making machines used in this section are dry sieve and paddle washer. In the dry sieve, impurities attached on surface of cassava tubers can be removed by the effect of rotating drum of machine. Impurities will then fall down through gaps to the ground and be discharged out of work site. Then cleaned cassava tubers will be sent to paddle washer machine by conveyor for complete washing of tubers. The paddle washer machine adopts counter-current flow principle to ensure good washing effect.

cassava cleaning machineCassava cleaning section

The second section of cassava flour making is crushing. Cassava flour making machines used in this section are cutting machine, rasper and desander. Firstly cutting machine will cut cassava tubers into small pieces, which can improve the working efficiency and reduce knife damage of rasper. Then small cassava pieces will be completely crushed in rasper machine. Rasper have high rotation speed and can crush cassava to the most extend, which ensure fineness of finished flour. The desander is a two-stage desander designed for more thorough desander and less material loss.

cassava grinding machineCassava crushing section

The last section of cassava flour making is drying. Cassava flour making machines used in the section are filter press, flash dryer and flour sifter. Filter press machine is used to press cassava mash and reduce moisture content to 40%. Then wet cassava cakes will be crushed and sent to flash dryer for drying, reducing moisture content to 12-14%. To get good quality cassava flour, sieving machine will be installed after dryer, to separate crude fibers.

Cassava flour making machines designed under wet processing technology can ensure high capacity and high quality of finished product. If you are interested in it and want to set up cassava flour processing project, feel free to contact us for further discussion.

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