How many options for starch drying?

Drying is the last step in starch processing. There are three drying methods in commonly used starch drying. This article will introduce you to different drying methods and their advantages and disadvantages, and help you choose the most suitable equipment. Here is our opinion:

traditional starch drying methodTraditional starch drying method

(1)Traditional starch drying method

In traditional starch processing such as sediment to get starch. People will dry starch with sunlight. After 2-3 days of sunlight illuminating, people can get dry starch and then package it for sale. However, this is an old method with needs a long time to process. The starch capacity and quality will be influenced much. It is suitable for small-scale family workshops or farmers' starch production and drying.

drying room drying methodDrying room drying method

(2) Drying room drying method

Small-scale starch processing plants use the drying room drying method. One method is to introduce the heated drying pipe into the room so that the temperature in the room can be kept at 50-55 degrees. The other method is heating clean air is passed into the room for heating. The drying time of starch in the drying room depends on the dryness and wetness of the starch but generally does not exceed 20 hours.

The advantage of the drying room drying method is that the investment is small. The disadvantages are low production efficiency, long time consumption, high labor intensity, uneven drying of products, and easy gelatinization of starch.

starch flash dryer methodFlash dryer machine drying method

(3)Flash dryer method

Another dry method is by machines. The flash dryer can dry wet starch in 2-3 seconds and can achieve high capacity processing. What’s more, the flash dryer is a negative design in that the outside pressure is lower than the inner pressure to ensure no leaking phenomenon. Then pulse tubers design can expand starch passing time to get a better drying effect. Whole drying processing is fast and has no touch with air to get high quality starch. It is very suitable for medium and large factories to process starch, and it can be directly sold in the market after being screened.

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