Is garri business profitable?

Garri is the staple food in Nigeria and many other cassava-growing countries in Africa. Only in Nigeria, the population is almost 150 million. The large population brings more profit. The profit is far beyond your imagination. So the answer is obvious, the garri business is profitable.

1. Food is a basic human need. Garri is an essential food that people need to eat every day in Africa. Just like the rice or wheat flour products that people in most areas eat. The Nigerian market shows that garri can be in the range of $600 to $800 / ton, and if people produce the higher quality of garri, they can sell it for a higher price.


Our garri processing machine in DOING company can process 3 tons of cassava into 1 ton garri, so if we produce 1 ton cassava, we can make profit within 1 ton as follows:

Name Quantity Unit Price
Cassava 3t $69.33 / t $208
Electric cost 30kw $0.08 / kw $2.4
Water cost 40t 0.08 / t $3.2
Coal consumption 0.15t $112 / t $16.8
Manpower 10 $3 / person $30 / day
Others $10
Total $270.4

So the sale price about $600 / ton, the net profit is $230 / ton.

Note: above data just for reference, the cost is subject to local conditions.

2. Cassava plantation is everywhere in Nigeria because the temperature, moisture and the weather are very suitable for cassava plantation. So the raw material is very rich and cheap, which will make people no worry about the supplying. As a result, you can sell at good price but get cheap raw materials which is profitable and can earn you more profit.

cassava plantationCassava plantation in Nigeria

3. The labor cost is cheap in Nigeria.

4. Now Nigeria local government is encouraging people to do garri processing business. The African government put lots of energy on agriculture, especially for cassava processing, there are many good government policy, like lower bank loan interests, cheap land and others etc. Which will ensure the cassava processing market be better and better.

In a word, whether based on the customer feedback or understanding of the actual situation, the garri business is a very profitable industry. For starting garri processing business, the sooner, the better, the more profit you will make from it. Welcome to choose us as your reliable garri processing machine supplier to start your garri business.

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