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How to make starch from cassava with modern cassava starch machine?

Cassava is a multi-purpose food crop which can  be widely processed into starch, flour, garri, fufu, cassava chips, ect.. With the increasing demand for cassava starch in the international market, more and more investors choose to make cassava into starch to gain more profits. But how to make starch from cassava with modern cassava starch machine?

DOING adopts latest wet processing technology to make starch from cassava with modern cassava starch machine, which shorten time for getting finished product as well as improve quality of starch. The whole line of modern cassava starch machine mainly consists of three sections: raw material cleaning, cassava processing and starch drying section.

how to make starch from cassavaCassava starch making process

The first step of all kinds of cassava production is cleaning of raw material. In cleaning process, modern cassava starch machines we use is dry sieve and paddle washing machine. Dry sieve machine complete the first step of cleaning, which remove attached impurities like sand, stones, weeds etc. After that, paddle washing machine complete second cleaning process, which clean cassava tubers thoroughly in counter-current water flow.

cassava starch machineCassava cleaning machines

After raw cassava tubers are cleaned, here comes to the processing section, in which starch particles should be separated by physical method. Modern cassava starch machines used in the section are cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, de-sander and hydrocyclone. Cutting machine and rasper make up two-step crushing which can ensure high crushing coefficient, to make starch released as much as possible. Then it will be the process of impurities eliminating and starch refining, which consists of three steps: 1) centrifuge sieve to separate fibers; 2) de-sander machine to remove sand debris; 3) hydrocyclone station to separate protein and cell liquid as well as concentrate to required density.

how to make starch from cassavaCassava starch machine for cassava processing

After we get required starch slurry in certain density, the next section is to remove extra moisture. In this section, modern cassava starch machine for dehydration and drying are peeler centrifuge and flash dryer. The peeler centrifuge firstly dehydrate starch slurry to get wet starch powder with moisture content around 40%. Then wet starch will be sent to flash dryer, which can be dried into starch with moisture content 12-14%. 

how to make starch from cassavaStarch drying section

Above are brief introduction of modern cassava starch machines. To sum up, the steps to make starch from cassava with modern cassava starch machine is: cleaning, washing, cutting, crushing, fiber and protein separating, de-sanding, dehydration and drying. If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more details.

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