Overview of cassava starch processing in Cambodia

Cambodia is the eighth largest cassava producer in the world and the fourth largest cassava producer in Southeast Asia. But in Cambodia, cassava is mainly used as food, or exported to Thailand, Vietnam and China. At present, the cassava starch processing industry in Cambodia is backward, the production of cassava starch is still in the development stage, but it has great potential.

cassava starch processing in CambodiaCassava

Cassava is one of the main sources of income for many farmers in Cambodia. They like to grow sweet cassava for food or processed cassava into starch by simple method and then make a variety of foods from produced starch, such as cassava bread, pastries and pearls for sale in the local market. Due to its low degree of industrialization, cassava starch processing in Cambodian is generally small workshop-style processing, there is no professional cassava starch processing equipment. Such a starch processing method not only cause high waste rate, low efficiency, but also can not guarantee the quality of processed starch, generally the produced starch is only available for consumption by themselves. In order to develop the cassava starch processing industry, Cambodia actively cooperates with different countries such as China to strengthen international economic and technological cooperation in all aspects of production, processing and sales. For example, Green Leader Holdings Group, a Hong Kong-based investment firm has established cassava starch processing plants in Cambodia.

Through the use of new cassava starch processing technology, Cambodia can increase the yield and profit of cassava starch processing, and can export the produced high-quality cassava starch to countries such as Vietnam and China.

cassava starch processing in CambodiaCassava starch processing line

The new technology of cassava starch processing in Cambodia is divided into the following parts:

Cleaning-cutting and grinding-separation-de-sanding-refining and concentrating-dehydration-drying-Screening and packaging

Cleaning: Fresh cassava is firstly transported to the dry sieve by a belt conveyor to remove large impurities such as weeds and sand. The impurities attached to the surface are then washed away with a washing machine.

Cutting and grinding: Then chop cassava into small pieces by a cutter, and grind cassava with high efficient rasper into pulp to release starch granules.

cassava starch processing in CambodiaMachines for cassava cleaning and grinding

Separation: After that, the fiber impurities in the cassava pulp are removed by a centrifugal sieve and a fine fiber sieve.

Sand removal: Then the sand in the cassava pulp is removed by a deander cyclone to ensure the taste of the starch.

Concentrating and refining: The cassava pulp after desanding is then washed with a hydrocyclone unit to remove impurities such as protein and cell liquid, and then the starch milk is concentrated and refined.

cassava starch processing in CambodiaMachines for starch slurry separation, desanding & refining

Dehydration: Then dewater the cassava milk with a scraper centrifuge. The moisture content after dehydration is about 38%-40%.

Drying: The dewatered cassava cake is dried to 18% moisture content with a flash dryer.

Screening and packaging: Screen the cooled starch, removing large particles to obtain finer starch, and then pack the obtained starch for storage or sale.

cassava starch processing in CambodiaCassava starch dewatering, drying & packaging

Cassava starch has strong competitiveness in the starch industry, and its market capacity and potential are enormous. It not only has a broad market in Asia but also in European countries, therefore it is a promising industry. As a large cassava producer, Cambodia has about 675 million hectares of cassava plantations and produced about 124.8 million tons of cassava tubers in 2017. If these cassava are widely used in the cassava starch processing industry to produce high quality cassava starch, then the cassava industry in Cambodia will gain more profit. At present, there are only a few cassava starch processing plants in Cambodia and the scale is not large, so now it is the right time to start cassava starch processing business in Cambodia. If you want to start a cassava starch business in Cambodia, you can contact Henan Doing Company, we can provide you with turnkey projects.

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