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How to improve the starch extraction rate in cassava starch processing line?

In cassava starch processing line, there is no doubt the high starch extraction rate can get higher profits. The main factors which influenced the starch extraction rate include: raw material(cassava roots) situation, the design of starch extraction process, cassava starch processing machine's configuration. Below will analyze how to improve the starch extraction rate in cassava starch processing line in detail:

cassava starch production lineRaw material cassava

1. Choose fresh and mature cassava roots:

Fresh and mature cassava roots has the highest starch content, so in order to guarantee the high starch extraction rate, the harvest cassava should be processed into starch within three days when it is still fresh. As for mature cassava, the cassava plantation time need to be long, usually cassava within 9-11 month is mature and has higher starch content. Mature and fresh cassava roots is the base of higher starch extraction rate.

cassava starch production lineCassava starch extraction machine

2. Reasonable design starch extraction process:

During the cassava starch processing, the crushing and separation part has greatest influence on the starch extraction rate. To improve starch extraction rate, we need to break the cassava cells to convert the bound starch in cassava root to free starch. The bound starch refers to the starch in the cell wall of cassava, while free starch is the what we can obtained starch. Therefore, the breaking rate of cassava root is very important. Only when the cassava roots is fully crushed, the cell wall of cassava can be opened to fully extract out the bound starch. Secondly, the separation part, separation process is to separate the starch and fibers, good separation design can avoiding the loss of starch.

cassava starch production lineHigh starch extraction rate rasper

3. Adopt high configuration cassava starch processing machine:

To improve the starch extraction rate in cassava starch production line, or we can say to guarantee the high starch extraction rate, choose reliable and advanced machine's configuration is also an important factor. Now the world newest and advanced cassava starch processing line technical design is adopting the rasper and centrifuge sieve. Rasper designed by DOING is a high efficient cassava grating machine with modern design, compact structure, high speed and high rasping coefficient, which can fully release the bound starch from cassava roots. Centrifuge sieve is featured with large screen surface and high starch extraction rate, and it can separate the starch and fibers (also other impurities) efficiently by long time and stable separating. Doing Company's centrifuge sieve is designed with automatic front and back washing system to guarantee good screen penetration and ensure high-efficiency operation of equipment. Adopting these machines can guarantee the starch extraction rate more than 94%, which greatly improved starch extraction rate.

Any other concerns about how to improve the starch extraction rate in cassava starch processing line, welcome to consult DOING engineer.

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