How to remove cassava skin quickly and efficiently?

In cassava flour and garri production process, it’s a necessarily essential step is to peel the cassava skin. Considering that the traditional way of manual peeling can no longer meet the production needs of modern factories, it’s suggested to adopt the automatic cassava skins removing way, that is, using sand roller type cassava peeling machine to remove cassava skin quickly and efficiently.

cassava peeling machine Automatic cassava peeling machine

The sand roller type cassava peeling machine is elaborately designed by the engineer team of Henan Jinrui Food Engineering Co.,Ltd. It has the advantages of stable operating, easy handling, low consumption and long service life.

The sand roller type cassava peeling machine mainly make full use of the friction between the cassava and the sand roller to effectively and thoroughly remove the cassava skin. And after peeling, the surface of the cassava raw materials is smoother and the degree of material loss is low. And according to our many trial tests and customer feedback, the cassava peeling rate of our sand roller peeling machine can reach more than 95%.

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

It’s worth mentioning that the sand roller type cassava peeling machine is equipped with spray pipe, which has the dual functions of peeling and cleaning. On the one hand, it can enhance the friction of the water sandpaper wrapped on the sand roller, making the cassava peeling effect better; on the other hand, it can rinse off the cassava skins dregs and wash the peeled cassava to make it can directly enter the subsequent processing. And that is why our sand roller type is more recognized by customers than other cassava peeling machines on the market.

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