Working video of hydrocyclone station of cassava starch production line video

This is a working  video about hydrocyclone station of cassava starch production line, which is the feedback from our customer. Hydrocyclone station is used to wash, concentrate and refine cassava starch slurry. Specifically, hydrocyclone system mainly separates the insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities by taking using of the different specific gravity of water, starch and yellow pulp protein.  And what you can obtain after this process is the refined starch milk, which is pure and white.

Besides, engineers of Henan Jinrui designed the hydrocyclone station of cassava starch production line with dumb stainless steel to avoid light pollution, ensure cassava starch processing plant operating 24 hours normally and you can get high quality cassava starch products.

If you need this machine or cassava starch production line, welcome to contact us, our professional engineer team can customize you suitable hydrocyclone station or cassava starch processing plant purchase schemes and make different factory layout according to different configurations!

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